My Work

Cassie-Ann Miller

Website in a Week

Cassie-Ann Miller’s website was redesigned within 5 days.

The author didn’t have a particular design in mind but provided sites she liked, elements of which I incorporated into the initial design iteration.

As Cassie-Ann has a high volume of books, I used e-commerce functionality, which enables the use of dynamic content and makes the site easier to maintain.

In addition to adding the e-commerce functionality, the site includes some additional customizability. This gives Cassie-Ann full control over the visible elements on the site.

Joanne Dannon

Website in a Weekend

Joanne Dannon wanted to spruce up her website but felt she lacked the skills to do so. The website design and layouts are a combination of 2 templated Elementor kits rather than a bespoke design. And was delivered within 3 days.

Having worked with Joanne for a number of years as her cover designer, I’m familiar enough with her style and tastes to begin designing her site based on her chosen colour theme.

Joanne has more the 30 books available and writes in two subgenres of romance, and at two conflicting heat levels,  (Sweet and Steamy). The challenge with Joanne’s site was more about structuring her website in a way that her readers could find what they were looking for easily, and in a way that Joanne could also maintain just as easily.

I added ecommerce functionality to enable dynamic content, and utilised the native taxonomy to create content hubs/archives structured around genre, trope, heat level and product/merchandise availablity.

Ruby Heart

Website in a Week

“Ruby Heart” is a fictional author I created for the purpose of building a demo site.

There are several things I love about this website. The simplicity in the design is enhanced by the ability to select a colour theme on every page. I kept the header images the same, changing the colours of the couple and the city, and then matched titles, links, and background colours to match, ensuring the pages were consistant in look and feel.

This enabled me to create a website that fit the cover design as well as the website’s over all theme.

The site is also designed for dark mode. 

I also added custom taxonomy to the ecommerce functionality which enabled me to create a more user-friendly navigation system.

Jemma Wilde

Website in a Weekend

“Jemma Wilde” is a fictional author that I created for the purpose of building a demo site. 

Although this is a bespoke design, it was built in one weekend using Elementor Pro and some additional add-ons to expand on the page builder’s functionality.