Hi there I am Erin

and here is my story…

My mission is to empower fellow authors with the skills to build amazing author websites and create amazing digital marketing campaigns.

Let’s get to know one another…

Hi there! I’m Carrie-Anne, but (in the voice of Troy McClure) you remember me as Erin Cawood, author of psychological thrillers like Tainted Love. or Kiara Cawood, author of contemporary romances liks Deserving Darcy.

What you probably don’t know is I’m also a digital marketing manager for one of the largest construction company here in the UK, and I have  fifteen years experience in website design, development, and digital marketing. 

So I’m in a unique position when it comes to building author websites and the marketing challenges we face as authors.

As “your website wingman”, I want to empower you with skills, knowledge and confidence you need to have an author website that rocks!  

I'm a analytically minded, artistically driven, technically astute, creature who has the reader at the heart of everything I do.

I began my digital journey as a hobbyist back in 2006. At the time, my partner had has a website built for his business, and was trying to maintain it himself. This meant he needed to understand how to learn how to code and FTP websites. What began as a ‘do you understand this?’ question one day, sparked a fire in me and here we are fifteen years later.

I loved building websites so much that I changed my career. I took redundancy from a long-term customer service role in a call centre and obtained a BA in Digital Media. I have since been a web design for one of the largest supermarkets in the UK, and a digital media executive at an international consultancy, before moving to my current role.

A couple of years before that, I developed a love of social media and recognised how the emerging  technology of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn were going to revolutionised how authors connect with their readers and I became very heavily invested in learning everything I could about the  various disciplines within Digital Marketing.

Another interesting fact about me is I love numbers! 

I’m a analytically minded, artistically driven, technically astute, creature with fourteen years experience in customer service based roles prior to changing my career. So your users experience is just as important to me as your website look/feel and functionality.


I want to help authors learn
how to take their websites to the next level!

Over the last few years, I’ve discovered that a lot of authors struggle with their websites. They’ll often bypass the website altogether when it comes to marketing. I know, because I’ve done it myself in the past. You want the path with the least amount of resistance to get the lead/sale. 

They’ll put exclusive content in their newsletters and in their private groups on social media, overlooking the point of their website altogether.

On average, fifty percent of your website traffic comes from the search engine, these are people who are either searching for you, or for your genre, or they’re looking for something specific about your books and characters that they can’t find on the retail sites or social media. These readers aren’t looking on social media or the retail sites and that’s a large number of people you can convert into new leads, and the into fans of your work.

My aim is to help you create a great website, with great content, to support your amazing campaigns.