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You deserve an awesome author website that's totally unique to you and as your website wingman, I'm here to help you achieve it!

As a web designer, one of the most frustrating things for me is discovering a website that look exactly like one I last visited. For me, it takes away the one thing that drawers your readers to you; your individuality.

I believe every author deserves a website that is totally unique to you, colours, styles, layouts, functionality, it’s all there to be customised and to sing about who you truly are. As your website wingman, I want to infuse your personality and brand into your website that makes it’s totally unique to you!

I’m a creative techie, but what does that mean for you? Well, I love creating beautiful websites. I love playing with technology, which means if you set me a challenge, I have to solve it. I can’t help it!


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Technical Set up & Support

Whether this is your first website, or you’re moving hosting provider, I can help you with the set up/transfer of your website. I can also help with integrating new tools like mailing lists and landing pages.

Website Design & Development

Whether this is your first website, or you’re looking for a website makeover, I can help you with design and development of your website. I have several packages and payment plans to suit your budget.

Consults & Courses​

If your looking for advice about digital marketing or WordPress website training I have a solution for you!

DIY Kits, Social Media Kits, Workbooks, and more...​

I have several DIY options and workbooks available to help you with your website, as well as some DFY options.

Join our VIP group of Authors

I have a VIP Facebook Group where you can get additional help and support from fellow authors navigating the world or WordPress and Digital Marketing.

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What to expect when you hire me as your wingman!

When you hire me as your website wingman, you’re asked to schedule either a 1-hour or 2-hour discovery call, depending on the project (Larger projects require a longer call)*. 

You’ll be asked to pay a non-refundable deposit of $97 for the discovery call. We’ll use Zoom for the call and discuss your project, discuss your goals, and come up with a project plan, and we’ll schedule in your project at a time that enables you to deliver all the details that I need to progress, and discuss payment options. I’ll then issue an invoice for the remaining amount. 

You should send the assets that I need the day before your project begins. On the day, I’ll get to work, but I may need to get in touch, I’ll use Messenger for this. I’ll let you know when the project is complete and ready for your approval. Once approved, you have 30 days to report any issues or bugs.

*A discovery call is dependant on the service.

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